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  • We would appreciate your cooperation in vacating your room before midday on your day of departure. When you leave, please remember to settle your bill and hand in the key to your room.
  • Please keep any valuables inside the safe in your room. The hotel will accept no responsability for any loss or theft.
  • If you do not wish to receive any telephone calls, or if you wish to receive them at a particular time, please inform the reception accordingly.
  • Please do not hang clothes or towels over the balcony railing.
  • Towels and other soft furnishings from your room are not to be used outside.
  • It is not permitted to take out food or drinks from the hotel dining rooms.
  • To avoid accidents, please do not use any glass objects in the swimming pool area.
  • Out of respect for others guests, please do not ´reserve´ the pool loungers with towels, clothes or others objects.
  • Please keep the door locked when you are leaving your room.
  • Any damage on the properties of the hotel is responsability of the client.
  • The beach is federal property, the hotel will not be held responsible for personal belongings and / or items left unattended or accidents on the beach.